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How Long Does Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville, KY Last?

The use of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY has changed over the course of the last few years. The therapeutic technique was initially used to treat heart disease and osteoporosis, but this led to some major health concerns. A highly circulated study led many to the conclusion that hormone replacement therapy actually promoted and increased the chances of strokes and blood clots. Now, the therapy has been altered and is most commonly used to manage menopause.
Many women do not need any kind of therapy during menopause, but it really comes down to the body type and makeup of the woman. Women between the ages of 55 to 65 have a higher risk of developing medical issues during menopause. They may get overwhelmingly uncomfortable cramps, intense dry skin, and other problematic symptoms. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is used to help manage the symptoms and make women as comfortable as possible during menopause.

How long will the therapy last? The answer to this question obviously depends on age and how long they are going through the menopause process. At a maximum, HRT should not be used more than five years at its maximum dosage. Most women find that they are using it from 2 to 3 years. There is usually a tapering off the process that will begin at the five-year mark. Once the five-year mark is hit, a steady tapering will occur that may, potentially, extend for an additional three to five years. There really are many variables. For example, the tapering may be more intense if other health problems are diagnosed during that time. Women who end up starting menopause early may only be using the hormone therapy from one to two years.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY, should also only be used to help manage menopause. It should not ever be recommended as a treatment for heart disease and other chronic conditions. Reach out to InShapeMD directly for more information on HRT and menopause. Women should also browse the website to see what others are saying, and to learn what steps they can take right now to feel more comfortable in their own bodies.