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3 Advantages of Customizing Your Mobile Medical Cart with a Battery System

3 Advantages of Customizing Your Mobile Medical Cart with a Battery System

Mobile medical carts are the wave of the future in most hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics. Mobile medical carts provide nurses and doctors with to access records, medications, and the ability to print out important information for their patients on-the-spot. This mobility allows doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients and less time fumbling through paper charts or having to leave the room to retrieve items for their patients. The point of care systems on these carts need to be able to last through a shift, so it’s essential to find the right battery system to get you through the day or night.

1.) Convenience

In 2016, mobile carts accounted for the largest share of purchased products in healthcare. The role of the medical cart in healthcare is expanding at a rapid rate, because of the rise of electronic health records and the convenience of accessing patient information and medications in real-time.

Most mobile medical carts can be outfitted or customized to meet the needs of any fast-paced healthcare environment. With custom medical carts & mobile cart battery systems, carts can be outfitted with equipment for dual screens, several storage drawers, locked medication drawers, a sharps container, electronic signature pads, and even vital recording stations.

While devices such as smartphones and iPads have become a way for health professionals to enter data into their electronic health records systems, the screens and typing process are often too small and inconvenient to use effectively. A mobile medical cart with the point of care system can help doctors and nurses enter information into their records systems with fewer errors.

2.) Efficiency

One of the disadvantages to many mobile medical carts is that their charges only last between 5 and 8 hours, which is not enough for most shifts. There are several solutions for this problem, including lowering charge time on existing batteries and incorporating quick-swap batteries, with carts providing space for one or more extra batteries at all times. These solutions save time and allow providers to keep moving with minimal interruptions.

Battery systems for these mobile carts can power the point of care system, along with a variety of other devices that might be custom-fitted on the cart.

3.) Personalized care

Custom medical carts & mobile cart battery systems allow healthcare providers to research information, send over prescriptions to pharmacies, and generate referrals for specialists: all while remaining in the room with their patient. This enables the provider to double-check information and get feedback from the patient, providing an overall personalized experience for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

The ability of that mobile system to move from room-to-room, with all the necessary information a provider needs right at their fingertips, is a revolutionary new way to lower wait times and ensure that patients feel heard.