3 Reasons to Bring All Your Pets to the Same Veterinarian in Johns Creek

Just like choosing a family doctor, choosing a Veterinarian in Johns Creek is a big decision. Sometimes pet owners assume that they can bring their cats and dogs to one vet but need to see someone different for their other animal family members. In reality, there are lots of benefits to bringing all pets to the same doctor when it comes time for checkups, vaccinations, injuries, and illness.

Convenient Appointments and Contact Information

When something goes wrong with one of the pets, it can be frustrating to try and look through a list of numbers and information to see who to call. Instead, when everyone sees the same Veterinarian in Johns Creek the family, the pet sitter, or even friends all know that there is only one number that needs to be called. Also, when multiple pets need to get in to see the vet, it can be really convenient to set their appointments back to back, saving everyone some time and energy.

All Documentation in One Place

In addition to needing to see the vet once a year to make sure that everything is going well, many pets have regular vaccinations that need to be kept up to date. While these protect the pet and give owners some peace of mind, there are times when documentation of vaccinations is required. It could be that a pet is going to be traveling with the family. Or, a pet might need to stay at a boarding facility. Either way, proof of not only that pet’s vaccinations, but all others as well, are all located in the same place, making it easy to access when needed.

The Vet Gets to Know the Family

After seeing the same physician for years, many individuals build a relationship, making the appointments easier to go to and making it easier to ask difficult questions when necessary. Families usually find that they get to know their vet and vice versa, creating a beneficial relationship. The vet gets to know the pets as well as the people that care about them and take care of them.

Pets are an important part of the family. Check out or call to schedule a visit. Take advantage of convenient appointments, all the documentation in one place, and the opportunity to build a solid relationship with a veterinarian.

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