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3 Signs You Should Have Your Child Tested For ADHD in Charleston, SC

A child who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) will have difficulty forming friendships and maintaining relations in addition to experiencing learning difficulties in school. You can help your child get the help they need by recognizing the signs that they do suffer from ADHD. Some of the most common signs that your child should undergo ADHD testing in Charleston, SC, are discussed below.

Focus on the Self
If your child focuses more on themselves than on the welfare of others, this may be an early sign of ADHD. You can recognize this symptom by a child who frequently interrupts others. They may also seem to have trouble waiting in line or showing patience with other children.

Emotional Outbursts
Children with ADHD also get easily frustrated, leading to frequent temper tantrums. If your child seems overly emotional or exhibits emotional outbursts, this indicates an inability to regulate their emotions. Although this can be a symptom of other emotional health problems, it’s more commonly a symptom of ADHD.

While the occasional daydream is normal for anyone, a child who frequently loses themselves in their inner thoughts may be suffering from a more serious neurological disorder. Scheduling ADHD testing in Charleston, SC, can help you determine if your child’s wandering thoughts are the result of ADHD or something else. While most people associate ADHD with wild or uncontrollable behavior, it can also produce this type of quiet behavior that’s just as distracting.

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