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3 Ways to Know That You Need to See a Frisco Eye Doctor for New Eye Glasses

Even though your glasses are designed to last for several years, you may need a new prescription sooner. Since eye health degrades gradually, it can be difficult to tell when you need new eye glasses in Frisco. There are a few common signs that will tell you it’s time for an eye exam and a new set of lenses.

You Sit Closer to the Screen

Whether you’re watching television or sitting at a computer, pay attention to your posture. If you find that you’re suddenly leaning closer to the screen, your body is telling you that your vision is worsening. This is often an early sign that you don’t see as well.

You Get Frequent Headaches

If you get headaches more frequently than normal, there may be a variety of reasons for the change. The most common reason is that poor eyesight is putting more strain on your eyes. Especially if you tend to get headaches after watching television or working on a computer, your headaches may be linked to your need for new glasses.

Your Vision is Blurred

An obvious sign that you need new eye glasses in Frisco is the onset of blurry vision. If things seem blurry or you have trouble focusing on objects, you should undergo an eye exam as soon as possible. The eye doctor will identify the underlying causes of your vision problem. Whether you need eye drops, medication, or new glasses, getting treatment can help you avoid the other symptoms of worsening vision problems.

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