3 Ways You Can Prepare for A Hair Transplant Procedure in NJ

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Hair Restoration

The provider of your choice will give you specific instructions to follow before and after your surgery. These instructions could vary, but they must be adhered to regardless. Here are three common recommendations for preparing for a hair transplant in NJ.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Typically, patients should avoid smoking and drinking before surgery. Most experts recommend that you avoid smoking 24 hours before the procedure, but you should verify this with your provider. Smoking before the procedure is frowned upon because it can have an impact on wound healing. You should avoid drinking at least a week before surgery.

  1. Discuss Medications

You may or may not be prescribed certain medications to assist in healing. Make sure that your provider knows what medications you are currently taking, as they may or may not have an impact on the medications that will be prescribed to you after the procedure.

  1. Avoid Getting a Haircut

Donor hairs are going to be needed in order for the procedure to go well. In addition to this, a full head of hair can help hide any stitches or scars that you may have after the procedure.

  1. Contact a Medical Expert

Finally, your best bet is to consult a medical professional to get an idea of how you can prepare for the surgery. It is important to adhere to any advice and instructions given to you if you want to avoid complications post-surgery.

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