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4 Things to Know Before Showing Up for Your Next Nail Salon Appointment

4 Things to Know Before Showing Up for Your Next Nail Salon Appointment

For many women, getting a mani and pedi is de riguer for the summer. However, make sure you’re well aware of a few things before you pay a visit to a nail salon in Houston TX.

Check those jets

Many salons provide foot baths for clients, especially at the start of the treatment. However, take the time to ask if the jets are sanitized between each client. If management only cleans the surface but not the jets, you could be dipping your toes in water full of harmful contaminants. Protect against possible risks by ensuring the jets are sanitized, InStyle warns.

Ask about their tools

Do they sterilize their tools? That’s a must. The last thing you want is for any infection to occur simply because management was careless and negligent with the tools they use. If you’re concerned, you could also bring along your personal kit with rubbing alcohol, just to make sure.

Assess the nail file

Many women don’t pay attention to the quality of the nail file being used during their sessions. If that includes you, then it’s better to start paying attention on your next visit to the salon. If it feels like sandpaper, request for a finer-grit file or glass file. Both aren’t abrasive, ensuring your nails aren’t damaged during the session.

Pass on the soak

Some nail salon in Houston TX might want you to put your hands in a bowl of soapy water. This makes it easier to push back your cuticles. However, this tends to get in the way of your nail polish properly sticking to your nails, which is the last thing you want to happen. Skip getting your nails waterlogged and just ask them to do it with cuticle oil. This way, you get to do soften your cuticles without compromising the sticking power of your nail polish.

Remember these tips to make the most out of your next salon visit!