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A Hot Stone Massage Could Be Just the Thing for Those Aching Muscles

Hot stone massage is known by many names, but it is a common procedure performed around the world. It began as a way for Native American Indians to soothe their sore muscles and aches, and today serves much of the same purpose. Qualified massage therapists around the world rely on hot stone massage to soothe sore muscles, to stretch them out and make them more pliable while relaxing their clients noticeably.

How it Works

When getting a hot stone massage in Jacksonville, FL, a set of stones are heated to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit and kept under 150 degrees. Many times, new stones are added to the warmer as others are pulled off. During the massage, the masseuse will set stones around the body, and often use the stones themselves to administer the massage. As the stones cool off, new warm stones will be pulled out and used instead.

Relax Like Never Before

There is something particularly relaxing about lying in a cool room and having warm stones applied around the body. They heat up different points around the body and give the massage a more pronounced feel than it would otherwise have. The stones are heated up just enough to have a pleasant warming effect without being uncomfortable.

Ease Stubborn Muscles

One of the main benefits of hot stone massage is that the added heat can help stretch out and relax stubborn muscles. It is often more effective than standard massage at relaxing muscle tissue. This makes it a versatile tool that should be considered when facing sore muscles that are not going away.

A Talented Masseuse is Necessary

While a good quality masseuse is important when getting any standard massage, skill becomes even more important when getting a hot stone massage. It is harder to do a good job when giving this type of massage and only a skilled masseuse is going to be able to have a good impact. Since this type of massage is more difficult to do well, it also costs more money. Many people who have the massage done are more than willing to pay the cost again though, because of how relaxing and enjoyable it is.

While a hot stone massage is more expensive, it is also more effective at easing tension out of muscles. Getting a good hot stone massage can leave the person feeling good for weeks after, and it is a good way to get over sore muscles quickly and easily. All of these benefits are only possible when a high-quality masseuse is chosen. Otherwise, the benefits will not be worth the cost. To know more, contact Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa.