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A Skilled Nursing Facility in Salt Lake City Invites You to Try Them

When you get hurt or after you have an extensive surgery and need to go to rehabilitation, it would be nice to go someplace where you could not only do rehab therapy, but a place that was like a nice resort hotel. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you’re in luck – there is a skilled nursing facility in Salt Lake City that is set up just like that. Crown Point Health Suites offers you resort-like amenities for all your orthopedic rehab needs.

You get to enjoy the amenities of a private suite with in-room, private showers. In addition, the beds are oversized for your comfort. There are also:

  • Flat screen TVs with cable service in each room
  • Private phones and lines in each suite
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and computer stations
  • Personal laundry services
  • Dining from your selection of buffet meals and an all-day room service menu
  • Daily activities with other residents, such as bingo and karaoke
  • Climate-controlled thermostats in each room
  • A personal care attendant dedicated to each resident

With services such as these, you will begin to feel more like you are on a vacation than receiving treatment for orthopedic rehabilitation. The goal at Skilled Nursing Facility In Salt Lake City is to aid you in becoming autonomous by helping you focus on your choices and self-determination in a comfortable environment that promotes effective healing. After all, if you as the patient are not comfortable, healing will not progress in the manner it should. In some cases, a person may even relapse if they cannot relax in their environment, such as in a stiff, institutional style rehab center. For that reason, people going into those type of centers usually do not obtain full recovery, or if they do, it is at a slower pace. A resort-like rehab will be just the environment you need for relaxing rehabilitation.