Advantages of Seeing Ankle Doctors in Joliet IL

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Health Care

When should a person see Ankle Doctors in Joliet IL? The simple answer – when regular foot pain is felt, regardless of its location (toes, heels, ankles, plant and even back of the foot). This pain is frequently the symptom of a pathology (mycosis, corns, etc.).

When to see a specialist

If the affected individual also has knee, hip, or back pain, it may be a good idea to see a foot and ankle specialist. The pain the person is experiencing may be due to a postural imbalance, which then overwhelms a limb or part of the spine. In the case of a malformation of the foot, consultation is also required.

People who wear the wrong type of shoes could also experience foot and ankle pain. Even men and women who play sports may see the need to visit Ankle Doctors in Joliet IL. But, next to pain, the biggest red flag of foot problems points to a change in the way a person walks or their posture.

Regular preventive consultations are useful if one is diabetic because the slightest wound can quickly give rise to severe complications. Obese, elderly or sports-playing individuals should also consult a podiatrist for preventive measures – their joints could be extremely stressed.

A minor defect will go unnoticed by most people but will increase the risk of osteoarthritis, joint pain, or a herniated disc, for example. From the age of 75, it is also advisable to show your feet to a specialist every year, even if you do not suffer from foot or ankle problems.

Reasons to see a specialist

A podiatrist is a paramedical health professional who deals with foot health. Although he or she is not a surgeon or family doctor, they can make a diagnosis and write prescriptions. The role of a podiatrist is to treat all foot pain. For this, they assess the health of the patient’s feet taking into account any traumatic and surgical history, morphology, and lifestyle.

The specialist corrects any bad posturing that is causing pain but is also responsible for performing pedicure care (eliminating corns, bunions, and calluses). This professional is also able to provide nail care such as ingrown nail treatment. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates to learn more.

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