Why is Alkaline Water Best for your Workout?

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Health

If there is any kind of liquid synonymous with a good workout, it is unquestionably pure, simple water. Water rehydrates the body, invigorates the muscles, and generally helps you work out for much longer than other kinds of drink. However, there is always another form of water out there; alkaline water. Many athletes see alkaline water as the best kind of water for exercise, but why is this? If you are curious as to the workout benefits of bottled water with alkaline pH, read on for the answers.

#1. Better hydration
The main difference between alkaline water and normal water is that the hydrogen clusters found in alkaline water are of a smaller concentration than normal forms of water. This makes it easier for your body to absorb the cells, which leads to you feeling more hydrated. Hydration is what makes you able to exercise for longer periods of time without slowing down, so this is an important factor.

#2. Higher pH levels
In order to remain in a healthy state, the human body must remain at an even 7.4 pH level. This means that the human body must maintain a steady neutrality when it comes to the amount of acid contained within. Alkaline water is called such because of its higher pH level (8.8 on average) meaning that it introduces significantly less acid into your bloodstream, in contrast to normal bottled water, which has a lower pH level. Some believe that this also means that alkaline water will reduce the amount of acid in your blood, but whether that’s true or not is debatable. However, it’s high pH level is true, so alkaline water will not introduce more acid into your body. This is important for any athlete, because a good pH balance is key to anyone seeking to better themselves physically.

#3. Increased oxygen
With the reduced acid, and smaller hydrogen clusters in alkaline water, this frees up more room for oxygen to spread throughout the liquid. The other half of why water makes us feel invigorated when exercising is because we’re essentially breathing while getting hydrated. Water simply has more natural oxygen in it than other forms of liquid. Alkaline water, however, has a higher concentration of oxygen per hydrogen cluster than normal bottled water. This makes it more refreshing to drink than normal bottled water.

Alkaline water is ideal for anyone who exercises regularly. It’s good for you, invigorates your body more efficiently, and just feels better to drink. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with natural alkaline water.

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