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Aspirin Vs. Acetaminophen For Elbow Pain Management

If you have been searching online for “Elbow Pain Arlington Heights,” then you may be seeking treatment for elbow discomfort, stiffness, decreased range-of-motion, and inflammation. While you are waiting to see your orthopedic doctor, you may be taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. To learn which pain reliever may be best suited for you, consider the similarities and differences between aspirin and acetaminophen:

Both aspirin and acetaminophen help relieve pain from arthritis, elbow pain, joint discomfort, and fever. They are also both effective in treating muscle pain and body aches associated with colds and flu. They are also available without a prescription and have excellent safety profiles. Also, if taken in large doses, both aspirin and acetaminophen can negatively affect renal and liver function, however, if taken in doses recommended by your doctor, these over-the-counter analgesics rarely affect kidney or liver function.

While both aspirin and acetaminophen help treat pain, only aspirin is effective in reducing inflammation. Elbow pain is often associated with inflammatory conditions, and if an anti-inflammatory drug is not taken, your symptoms may not improve. Aspirin helps inhibit prostaglandin release, which is one of its primary mechanisms of action. Another difference between aspirin and acetaminophen is that aspirin can cause a condition known as Samter’s Triad.

This syndrome causes nasal polyps, sinus inflammation, and asthma. Conversely, acetaminophen is not associated with Samter’s Triad and may be a safer option for people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Another difference between aspirin and acetaminophen is that the latter can cause an elevation in liver enzymes if taken with alcohol. If you have alcohol-related liver disease such as cirrhosis, ask your doctor if should avoid taking acetaminophen for your elbow pain.

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