Why More Athletes Are Using Dry Needling In Fargo To Relieve The Pain Associated With Muscle Injuries

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Physical Therapy

Individuals regularly involved in intense physical activity know how quickly an injury can occur, leaving a person in unbearable pain and preventing them from engaging in physical activity. While medications can help provide immediate relief from the pain, they are often addictive and come with a slew of side effects. Rather than just treating the pain, many physical therapists are choosing to use Dry Needling in Fargo to help alleviate muscle soreness and encourage faster recovery.

Non-Injection Treatment

Rather than using a chemical, such as a steroid or other medication, dry needling uses a needle to bring relief to a person without an injection. This can help eliminate the occurrence of allergic reactions and prevent harmful drug interactions. A therapist will use a solid needle to help break up muscle tension and bring nearly immediate relief to injured areas.

Focused Treatment Area

Most treatment options are designed to treat a large area, and pinpointing treatment to an individuals muscle or knot isn’t easy without conducting expensive scans that can display the exact location of an injury. Dry Needling in Fargo makes it easy by allowing the therapist to treat specific muscles based on touch and can help alleviate pain in problem areas and prevent other muscle issues from occurring.

Toxin Reduction

Dry needle treatment works in a variety of ways. In addition to alleviating muscle tightness and discomfort, it also allows a build up of lactic acid and other toxins to be released from the injured tissue to reduce muscle tightness and bring relief from pain and fatigue, which is one of the most common issues that form after a physical injury. After a needle is inserted into the muscle, it is lightly manipulated and then removed, which can allow toxins to escape the muscles and be flushed out through the body’s kidneys.

Anyone suffering from pain after a physical injury should locate a quality therapy center that offers dry needling treatment. The experts at Rehab Authority have been trusted by residents of Fargo for more than ten years and can help anyone regain mobility and prevent the onset of future problems. Visit Rehabauthority.com to learn more about dry needling and take the first step in getting long-term pain relief.

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