The Benefits of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati, OH

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Health

Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH is a field of medicine that focuses on treating and preventing work-related illnesses and injuries. The physicians who work in this specialized field often work with employers to help them ensure that their employees remain safe and healthy, ensuring that businesses can continue their operations as usual. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of finding an occupational medicine clinic to provide drug screens, diagnostic tests, corporate vaccines, rehabilitation, and workers compensation treatments for injured employees.

Employer Engagement

Clinics that focus on occupational medicine work directly with employers and workers alike to ensure that their services are being utilized as effectively as possible. They help to identify how unique work environments might impact employee health, treat those who have been injured at the job so that they can get back to work quicker, and even perform drug screens for applicants and existing employees. These services help conscientious employers remain engaged in their attempts to provide the safest possible work environment.

Health Checks

Ensuring the ongoing health of employees is the best way to increase worker productivity and satisfaction. Working with an occupational medicine clinic gives employers the opportunity to do just that, helping employees to identify potential health problems early-on so that they can receive care that does not interfere with their ability to work. Just be sure to find a clinic that offers diagnostic imaging so that patients can receive the best possible care.

Drug Screens

Hiring workers who have drug and alcohol abuse problems doesn’t just endanger the workers themselves. It also endangers others on the job, increasing the risk of workplace injuries and decreasing employee productivity. That’s why practitioners of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH offer comprehensive DOT and non-DOT drug screens for new and existing employees.

Help Getting Back to Work

The physicians who work in the field of occupational medicine understand what it takes to get employees back into shape so that they can return to work after a serious injury or illness, with many clinics offering on-site rehabilitation. This helps companies comply with workers compensation laws and ensure that their employees get the care they need in the event that they are injured on the job. Check out Eastside Urgent Care online to learn more about the services they provide. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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