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How Can You Know What Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Look Like?

How Can You Know What Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Look Like?

For most individuals, they would have no idea what to expect when an individual shows drug withdrawal symptoms. Only when you have been shown and had the specifics of withdrawal symptoms explained to you, can you make a judgement call that might be accurate. The exception to this is where a family member or friend shows consistent withdrawal symptoms, so you learn by habit.

A Variety of Drugs Lead to Different Results

The drug withdrawal symptoms vary between the choice of drug and the individual involved. While some individuals will show more emotional symptoms, for others, you will see more physical withdrawal symptoms.

Several individuals using the same drugs may show a combination of withdrawal symptoms that are similar, but each may react in a different manner.

Where individuals show very few drug withdrawal symptoms, this does not mean that they can cope with drug withdrawal easier, or that they are not addicted.

The Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

A variety of drugs share several emotional withdrawal symptoms. These will include irritability, depression, anxiety, headaches, social isolation, restlessness and often, poor concentration. These drug withdrawal symptoms are common to a wide variety of drug use.

For those addicted to opiates, tranquilizers and often alcohol, they may also show a range of physical withdrawal symptoms. These comprise palpitations, tremors, tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing, sweating extensively, tension in the muscles and a collection of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

An immediate halt to an addiction for alcohol or tranquilizers can be extremely dangerous, where patients at high risk may suffer heart attacks, seizures or strokes.

All addicts will require a detox that is medically supervised to help manage the withdrawal symptoms and specifically to remove the high-risk dangers which may also include hallucinations.

Once you know the drugs that are involved, it is easier to take medical advice and specifically understand the emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms that the individual will show.