Why a Cancer Patient Should Considering Having a Facial in Philadelphia

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Health

People who have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently undergoing treatments may not think of a Facial in Philadelphia as being all that important. While it’s true that a facial will do nothing to help with the cancer, it can do quite a bit for a patient who is dealing with this disease. Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to call a professional and arrange to have a facial at least a few times each month.

Dealing with Dry Skin

Many of the approaches to treating different forms of cancer have the side effect of drying out the skin. While it’s true that many people think of a facial in Philadelphia as being one way of getting rid of clogged pores and an unhealthy amount of skin oils, this procedure can also help replace what the body is not producing right now. Instead of skin that’s dull and feels a bit like a piece of paper, the right type of facial can provide the skin with the moisture the treatments are removing.

More Color and a Healthier Glow

It’s not just about replacing lost moisture. That facial can also include the use of agents that help to replenish lost nutrients. The varying layers of skin need nutrition to remain healthy and provide what appears to be a healthy glow. Given the toll that cancer and the treatments can take, anything that helps the individual to look and feel a little better is worth the time and effort.

Easing Some of the Tension

Even when the prognosis is excellent, the patient still worries about the cancer. One of the ways to help ease that feeling of anxiety is to undergo a facial. The peaceful surroundings, the gentle touch of a professional, and the way that the treatment leaves the skin feel clean and fresh provides a respite from the worry. That alone makes the facial worth the time and the money.

Remember that the team at Beautiful You by Christine knows how to provide facials to people who are currently undergoing cancer treatments. That means using ingredients that will not cause any ill effects but will leave the skin looking great. Call today and schedule an appointment. After that first one, deciding to come back for a second facial will be easy.

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