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Career Changing Moves for Nurses

Career Changing Moves for Nurses

An experienced nurse can go anywhere – and that is meant literally. There are a number of experienced nurses who act as medical travelling companions for patients of all ages, travelling with a variety of conditions. International travel nursing is a game-changer for those in the nursing career, and for those who need a medical professional on hand when traveling. The first qualification you need is your RN or BSN, and experience in emergency medicine, basic life support, and other skills. You’ll then need to obtain your CFRN – Certified Flight Registered Nurse.

Not Just Military

When people think about a flight nurse, they typically think of a military nurse. In the past 20 years, the need for flight nurses has grown into the corporate and civilian world as well. Flight nurses help injured and sick people get to treatment, as well as help seniors and others travel safely with a variety of medical conditions. A flight nurse acting as a medical travelling companion provides an extra measure of care over and above what may be offered by cabin crew and family members. Whether it’s assisting a COPD patient with oxygen, or caring for a non-ambulatory patient in the cabin, a nurse adds an extra measure of confidence and dignity in a trying time.

Consider Your Options

Most firms hiring flight nurses prefer a few years of experience in emergency medicine as a CEN or a CCRN. Additional qualifications in Basic Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support are also sought after. You may also wish to add the Transport Professional Advanced Trauma course. The more skills the better! Some “flying nurse” companies wish their nurses to continue in a clinical setting, while others will want you to be full time with them. Shop around, and let your instincts be your guide – the company should run as efficiently as an ER at a good hospital. Jumpstart your career as a flying nurse!