Children’s Eye Exams in Beaverton, OR Make it Possible for Children to Excel in School

by | Jul 17, 2019 | eye care center

If you have not taken your child to see the eye doctor yet, you may be wondering when the best time is to begin. Usually, children’s eyes should be checked when they are one year old and a second exam should be scheduled when your child turns three years of age.

Three Critical Periods

By the time a child begins kindergarten, he or she should have already had a third eye exam. Therefore, children’s eye exams in Beaverton, OR should take place at three crucial periods in a young child’s development. By taking this stance, you can ensure your child’s continued mental and physical development.

If a child cannot see properly, it can ultimately cause him or her learning difficulties. That is why you need to visit a vision practice such as McBride Vision Clinic. Doing so will assure you that your child’s eyes will receive the very best of care. Remember that a cursory examination of the eyes by your family doctor cannot substitute for the care that your child will receive when having his or her eyes examined by a specialist in the optical field.

Don’t Place Your Child at Risk Academically

Parents who don’t schedule children’s eye exams in Beaverton, OR can put their children at risk academically. When children can see well, they also excel in school activities. Therefore, you need to make vision care and exams a priority. If you want your child to experience optimal learning, you cannot neglect paying visits to the local eye doctor.

Early children’s eye exams are also imperative because a child needs the following visual skills as he or she develops:

  • Good visual acuity from any angle or distance
  • Precise eye teaming skills
  • Accurate focusing skills
  • Precision eye movement skills

Once you child begins school, his or her eyes should be examined every two years if an optical correction is not needed. If a child needs to wear eyeglasses or contacts, eye exams should be scheduled yearly.

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