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Choosing A Veterinarian

Choosing A Veterinarian

To ensure your peace of mind and the health of your pet, you need to have a great veterinarian. A great veterinarian is one that is caring, friendly, knowledgeable, and fully committed to providing the best care possible for your pet.

Don’t wait until it’s too late:

The worst time to start looking for a Wicker Park animal hospital is when your pet has been injured or is sick. Many people that are contemplating bringing a pet into their life will visit the vet before they decide which type or breed is best suited to their particular lifestyle and family situation.

If you are moving to another part of the city or a different city altogether, ask your current vet for an introduction to animal hospitals in your new area. By being proactive, you can be assured that when the time comes that your pet needs professional care, you are prepared.

Ask people you know:

There are bound to be people in your circle that are consciences pet owners. Ask them where they take their pet for routine and emergency care. Often, the best possible reference comes from someone that loves his or her pet as much as you love yours. You can also get considerable insight by talking to local breeders; this group of people will usually have an excellent working relationship with a local vet clinic.

Schedule a visit:

Once you have settled on a particular animal hospital, arrange to meet the vet and the staff. Before you go, jot down any particular questions you have. There are a few important things to take into account.

  • Ask about normal office hours, do they work well with your schedule?
  • Does the facility offer emergency after-hours service?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment for routine care?

If you can, take your pet along with you on your initial visit, this will give you an immediate impression of how the animal and the staff interact.

The best Wicker Park animal hospital will be reasonably easy to access with parking as pets are not welcome on public transport.

Village West Veterinary is a “best practices” Wicker Park animal hospital where everyone concerned are totally dedicated to your pet’s health and comfort.