Diagnosis and Treatment for Eye Disease in El Dorado, KS

Diagnosis and Treatment for Eye Disease in El Dorado, KS

Most people believe they need to be referred to an ophthalmologist, or eye specialist, for the diagnosis and treatment of an Eye Disease in El Dorado KS. The truth is that a regular optometrist can handle most ocular diseases. The same professional who provides routine eye examinations and writes prescriptions for contact lenses or eye glasses can also handle glaucoma, diabetic eye care, vision therapy, and many other complicated eye issues.

A Huge Advantage

This is helpful for many reasons. The first is cost. Visits to an optometrist are less expensive, easier to get approved by insurance companies, and require no additional paperwork to be filled out. Another is patient comfort, which reduces anxiety, fear, and stress. Treatments provided by an eye doctor patients are comfortable and confident with will be easier for the patient and will not inhibit the asking of questions.

Trusting your vision to one medical professional is not as traumatic as going to a new doctor, even if that doctor is a specialist. It seems trivial but affects the healing response of the entire body instead of just the eyes. Less stress allows patients to get the rest they need to recover from a treatment or disease. They are also more likely to comply with instructions and participate in follow-up care as necessary.

Associated Specialists

If a specialist is required to perform surgery as treatment for an Eye Disease in El Dorado KS, and one that is associated with the optometrist through the same eye care group is an ideal solution. The stress level will not be zero but will not be as high as going to an independent specialist. Knowing that the tests and course of action up to that point are available to the surgeon who can request clarification with the doctor if needed tends to put patients at ease.

One group of professionals for all eye care needs is convenient, faster, and reduces the chance for miscommunication or confusion regarding patients and their needs. Optical services are available for contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, and sunglasses as well. Visit us for more information, details about all services, and to schedule an appointment.