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Discover the Many Benefits of Undergoing Pelvic Physiotherapy in Ottawa

Many individuals suffer from a damaged or weak pelvic floor. This can develop during, or after, pregnancy and childbirth, especially women who have larger sized babies, but this is not just a female problem. Certain strenuous work activities, intense sports, such as gymnastics, being overweight, and potential family hereditary factors are all possible causes. Discover the many benefits of undergoing professional pelvic physiotherapy in Ottawa.

Problems Pelvic Physiotherapy at an Ottawa Center May Help

Some women develop pelvic floor muscular weakness after giving birth, and others may develop the issue after they reach a certain age when gravity begins to take hold. Additionally, hormonal changes can lead to many different musculoskeletal problems over time.

Some of the issues that this therapeutic technique may help include uterine prolapse, bladder or bowel protrusion, and/or pressure that may cause bladder and bowel control problems, pain during sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction, pelvic area pain, discomforts during pregnancy and in the postpartum stages and more.

Children Can Develop Pelvic-Related Problems That May Cause Bed Wetting

Although pelvic area dysfunction may occur more often in woman during pregnancy and afterward, this issue can impact younger children and teens as well. This may result in bed wetting episodes after the child is over the age where this usually does not happen anymore. Men too can suffer from internal organ prolapse that causes pain in the pelvic region.

Pelvic Physiotherapy Can Be Done Preventively as Well