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Do You Need Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh, PA?

Chances are, if you suffered an injury that limits or prohibits your movements, you are in the market for Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA. There are lots of different items out there, so the goal is finding the one that works best for your situation and your budget. While you shop, be sure to look at what you need now and what items you might need as your condition or injury improves.

Crutches and Canes

Crutches are perfect for the person that is attempting to not put pressure on one of the feet or legs. The crutches act to help provide some balance and leverage. Crutches can also be used when a person is looking to put only light pressure on a foot. Sometimes after an injury that requires crutches, a person may need to use a cane to get around. The cane provides some stability and allows a person to put some of his or her weight on the cane while walking.


When the balance is a problem, a person can use a walker. This mobility aid is pushed slightly in front of a person as he or she makes forward movements. Because the walker is well-balanced with four different points that touch the floor, is it great for a patient that wants to be mobile but worries about falling over or tripping.


A wheelchair is part of a different group of Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA. A person can choose to use his or her feet to create movement. In these situations, a person may not be able to handle all of the body weight being placed on the feet, but they can still generate movement. For those that are even more limited in mobility, wheelchairs are available that can be pushed with the patient’s hands or by another person.


In order to make movement efficient, some patients use scooters. A scooter allows a person to move without using any of his or her own appendages. The scooter does all the work and can be steered in any direction. One of the biggest benefits of a scooter is the amount of speed it provides.

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