Do You Suffer from Neck and Back Pain?

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Pain Management Physician

If there are days where you feel as if you are the only person dealing with coastal spinal pain, take heart. Thousands of people are dealing with the same issue. There is hope for you. The field of pain management has come so far, and the medical advances are amazing. Your pain can be caused by physical and/or emotional conditions, such as stress. No matter how your pain originates got there, it is real, and you need relief.

What are Some Causes of Spinal and Neck Pain?

  • For one thing back and neck pain may simply be a part of growing older. As the years pass and your ligaments and muscle are affected by daily living, you might feel pain or experience worsening pain.
  • Another major cause can be contributed by the discs that run up and down your spine. With wear and tear or injury, they can degenerate or herniate, both of which can cause excruciating pain.
  • Stress can affect the body in many ways including causing pain in your neck and back. If you are already suffering with back pain, that can even make you more stressed which exacerbates your level of pain. Since people are working longer hours or have an over scheduled life, a good pain physician will look at both the mental and physiological aspects of your pain.

Are You Living with Chronic Pain in Your Neck and/or Spine?
There are many types of relief offered by pain management specialists. Since chronic pain can even stop you from living a full active life it is time to make an appointment with your physician to get a referral to a pain management doctor. In Jacksonville, FL, one of the best at managing chronic pain is the Riverside Pain Physicians. They offer four locations for your convenience and their staff is fully trained in the causes and treatment of chronic spine pain.

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