Drug Treatment Can Mean More than Treating the Addiction

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Healthcare

Often when people think of someone that is struggling with an addiction, they believe that the individual only needs treatment for their dependency. Unfortunately, there can be an underlying problem that can be contributing to their drug or alcohol abuse. More than 50% of people who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs also suffer from a mental disorder that contributes to their dependency. That is why when searching for drug rehabilitation centers in Utah, it is essential to find a clinic that provides a dual diagnosis for their patients. When the individual is treated for both their mental problem and addiction, they have a better chance of successfully overcome their dependency.

Physical and Mental Health Problems that Can Contribute to Chemical Dependency

*Chronic Pain
*Bi-Polar Disorder
*Panic Disorders
*Eating Disorders

How Dual Diagnosis Helps

When a person has an underlying condition that has left untreated, it can lead to their use of alcohol or drugs to help them manage their problem. Once they begin to treat their condition with a chemical substance, they eventually will need more drugs or alcohol to help try to control their physical or mental problem. Dual diagnosis will allow a medical professional discover the underlying problem that is contributing to the person’s dependency. When they can treat their mental or physical health issue, it can prevent the chance of the person relapsing once they have completed their chemical dependency program.

Gain Life Skills to Help Prevent a Relapse

When searching for drug rehabilitation centers in Utah, you should consider the advantages that Alpine Recovery’s Lodge staff offers. Their team of experts will get to the root of the problem and develop a customized treatment for your problem. They will find the right life skills that can help you prevent a relapse after leaving their facility to help you begin a drug and alcohol-free life.
relapse after leaving their facility to start a drug or alcohol free life.

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