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Easy Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth With Natural and Organic Products

When it comes to dog teeth cleaning products, there are several qualities to consider, such as how they handle plaque, tartar, and bad breath. While investigating your options, note the source of the active ingredients.


Opting for organic dog teeth cleaning products means pet owners can have peace of mind knowing they are using natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Some manufacturers use kelp from the cool waters off the Scandinavian coast. Kelp is a seaweed that is safe for human and animal consumption. Not only is it 100% natural but seaweed is also a sustainable resource.


There are some easy and effective alternatives to brushing your dog’s teeth. Pet parents can sprinkle specially formulated kelp-based powder onto wet or dry food once a day. In clinical studies, researchers have documented that the powder reduced tartar and plaque buildup. An additional side effect was fresher breath.

Crunchy Treats

Another effective way to impart a little kelp into your dog’s diet is with crunchy nuggets. Like the powder, it benefited the animal’s oral health. An advantage of using nuggets is the variety of available flavors. Even the pickiest of eaters should find one they enjoy snacking on. Some combination flavors include pumpkin and chicken, cranberry and turkey, and sweet potato mixed with peanuts. If you want vegan-kelp bites, you can find blueberry and banana treats.

Maintaining your pup’s dental health does not have to be a struggle. Naturally reducing hard buildups can ensure your pet has pleasant breath and many years of healthy teeth and gums.