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What Should You Expect on Your First Pediatrician Visit

You have your new bundle of joy, and you are probably just starting to adjust to life with a newborn. Your baby’s first doctors appoint may be a little intimidating. You may have a lot of questions, but just getting out the door could seem complicated.


Typically, your first appointment with a pediatrician in Summerville SC is scheduled while you are still in the hospital or soon after returning home. Two weeks can sneak up on you, so consider making this appointment as soon as possible. Some offices have dedicated times to see newborns. If not, you may want to ask for a time when the office is likely to be less busy. Most appointments last about half an hour. Nevertheless, you should plan on potentially staying longer in case there are any delays.


Your pediatrician will likely need to remove your baby’s clothes for a complete examination. You should bring your child in clothing so that it is easy to undress him or her. Or, consider wrapping your newborn in a cozy blanket. Packing a diaper bag with extra clothes, feeding equipment, and additional diapers is often a lifesaver. You should also bring diaper bag staples: wipes, pacifier, bottle, and other must-haves. Mostly, you want to be prepared with lots of love. Your baby may need love, cuddles and soothing voices more than his or her favorite stuffed animal.


If you can bring along Dad or another helper, one of you should go in first to get started on the paperwork while the other waits in the car with the little one. This is a good idea to help limit your baby’s exposure to potential germs. Be cautious of adults and children wanting to coo over and hold your child. You are in a doctor’s office, and these individuals may be sick of carriers of germs. Most pediatricians will do their best to get newborns out of the waiting room quickly to reduce their likelihood of exposure.

Bringing Help

Leaving your home is a probably a little more complicated than it was before your baby arrived. If possible, you may want to bring along some help on your first visit. Talking to the doctor can be overwhelming if you are also trying to comfort your infant. Bringing another person along that can help care for the baby may free you up to talk more intentionally with the doctor, allowing you to get more out of the visit. Click here for more information.

It is normal to be nervous, but you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Bring along a support person and a well-stocked diaper bag, and your first visit to a pediatrician in Summerville SC should be fine.