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What to Expect From Physical Therapy for Back Pain Treatment in Fargo, ND

What to Expect From Physical Therapy for Back Pain Treatment in Fargo, ND

Chronic back pain can make it hard for those suffering to move around and perform everyday tasks. Thankfully, there are many effective means of alleviating pain and restoring physical fitness, including physical therapy. Read on to find out more about physical therapy as a Back Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh.

Determine Treatment Goals

One of the first steps that a physical therapist will take with his or her patients is to determine treatment goals. These may include increasing flexibility and strength, managing pain, and restoring the ability to perform basic daily tasks.

Fitness and Health Evaluation

In order to determine how best to help a patient achieve his or her personal fitness and health goals, physical therapists must also determine what level of physical health and fitness patients are starting out with. This process typically includes a basic medical exam, endurance testing, and self-reporting of pain and other symptoms. There are many underlying causes of lower back pain, including stenosis, herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease, so physical therapists need to determine the underlying cause of the pain before they can help their patients overcome it.

Learn Stretches and Exercises

Almost all physical therapy for Back Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh includes learning new exercises and stretches that can help to increase flexibility, restore mobility, and improve strength. The type of exercises used will depend on both the patient’s unique fitness goals and current levels of pain and stiffness. It’s important to return for follow-up visits to evaluate progress and ensure that the exercises have the intended effect.

Other Treatments

In addition to learning new beneficial exercises and stretches, patients can also expect their physical therapists to use techniques like manual therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and hot and cold therapies to treat soreness and stiffness. The types of therapy used will depend largely on the underlying cause of the patient’s pain and stiffness.

What to Expect

Many patients undergoing physical therapy experience mild soreness and swelling due to their treatment. These minor effects are usually a small price to pay for increased mobility and decreased pain, but patients who have recently developed them should alert their physical therapists and keep them updated about their condition. Contact Pure Physio for more information about physical therapy and back pain treatments.