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Facts About Neck Cancer Surgery in Bethlehem PA

Facts About Neck Cancer Surgery in Bethlehem PA

The need for proper care before, during, and after Neck Cancer Surgery in Bethlehem PA cannot be understated. It is completely natural for one to feel nervous or frightened before getting this type of surgery. However, it is important to discuss these fears with the medical team so one is going into the procedure in the best mind frame possible. Here are some things which need to be known about every aspect of the care needed.

While preparing for this form of surgery, it is extremely important that a healthy diet is maintained. This may be difficult due to painful swallowing but it is critical to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the immune system strong. There are many patients facing this type of surgery who have smoked tobacco in the past and some who still continue to do so. If the patient is still smoking, they should try and quit. The longer one goes without tobacco, the easier it will be for their body to recover from the procedure. The medical team also needs to know if alcohol or drugs of any sort are being used and to what extent. This is because drug and alcohol use may alter the medicines and after surgery care to be used.

On the day the Neck Cancer Surgery in Bethlehem PA is to take place, the patient will need to be at the hospital about two hours before surgery begins. It is not recommended that family members wait at the hospital for the surgery can typically take up to twelve hours. Family members will be notified after the surgery is complete. Many patients are kept asleep and on a breathing machine the first post-surgery night.

After the surgery is complete, the doctor will decide if the patient is allowed to eat. Some may find it painful. If the doctor decides against solid food being ingested, a nasogastric tube will be inserted through the nose into the stomach to deliver nutrients to the patient. Instructions will be given on proper oral hygiene. These directions should be followed explicitly. The patient will typically keep in the hospital for a few days to ensure there are no issues stemming from the surgery. After the doctors and nursing staff at our website feel it is safe, the patient will be discharged and sent home.

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