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FAQs About Rehab Treadmills In Bountiful, Utah

FAQs About Rehab Treadmills In Bountiful, Utah

In Utah, patients have access to extraordinary opportunities for recovering from injuries and surgeries. These rehabilitation services enable them to return to their daily lives quickly. The following are FAQs about Rehab Treadmills in Bountiful Utah used during these rehabilitation services.

Why are Anti-Gravity Treadmills Used in Physical Therapy?

These treadmills aren’t the same as your normal run-of-the-mill equipment. Standard treadmills require the patient to apply weight and pressure on their legs. The strain could present an issue if it leads to further damage. If the patient applies too much pressure or weight, they could undermine their progress. An anti-gravity treadmill allows them to move their legs without applying pressure on their legs.

What are the Benefits of the Treadmills?

The benefits of these treadmills include increasing muscle strength and addressing joint pain. The patient begins to move their legs and joints after surgery at a slow pace. These treadmills allow them to progress more naturally without limitations. Additionally, they eliminate the potential for falls. If the patient falls during rehab, it could send them spiraling back to the beginning. These treadmills reduce that risk.

Do They Increase Range of Motion?

Yes, the patient increases their range of motion quickly with these treadmills. They help the patient condition their legs and increase their endurance. Without the effects of gravity, the patient won’t experience pain or stiffness. They can increase their walking speed without fear or repercussions.

Can They Reduce the Patient’s Recovery Time?

Yes, as the patient progresses through their program, they reduce the time needed for recovery. They won’t suffer any of the drawbacks of traditional therapy. They won’t spend large volumes of time trying to move and failing. They won’t face potential injuries based on more traditional tactics used in physical therapy.

In Utah, physical therapists provide new and innovative options for recovering from sports injuries and surgeries. They provide state-of-the-art treadmills that eliminate the effects of gravity and slow moving therapy. They increase their range of motion and strengthen their muscles and joints quickly. Patients who wish to acquire physical therapy that involves Rehab Treadmills in Bountiful Utah can contact Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists to schedule an appointment today.