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FAQs About Surgeries Offered By An Emergency Dentist

FAQs About Surgeries Offered By An Emergency Dentist

In Oregon, dental emergencies are managed according to the patient’s pain levels and the risk of tooth loss. The most common conditions that lead to these emergencies are dry sockets, broken facial or jawbones, and impacted wisdom teeth. The following are FAQs about surgeries offered by an Emergency Dentist.

Why is a Root Canal Surgery Performed?

An emergency dental professional performs a root canal surgery when the nerve is exposed. The surgery involves the removal of the tooth pulp to stop the pain. If the tip of the root is damaged only, the dentist can remove the tip. The procedure is performed to mitigate the risk of an infection and provide pain management.

When is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Performed?

The surgical removal of an impacted wisdom tooth is performed when the patient is at risk. An infection inside or near an impacted wisdom tooth increases the odds of the infection entering the bloodstream. This condition could become life-threatening. The dentist performs emergency extraction surgery and provides antibiotics via an IV that eliminate the infection.

Do Emergency Dentists Perform Corrective Surgery for a Broken Jaw?

Yes, dentists that specialize in corrections for face, neck, and mouth injuries can perform this surgery. Once the jaw in placed back into position, it is wired shut. The patient may remain in a hospital setting for several weeks after these injuries.

What Steps are Involved in a Reinsertion of a Dislodged Tooth?

At any time that a tooth is dislodged, the patient must place it inside a container of milk. The calcium in the milk protects the tooth temporarily. The dentist must reinsert the tooth into the tooth socket and sew up the gums. If the procedure is a success, the root will reconnect to the jawbone.

How is Treatment for a Dry Tooth Socket Completed?

The dentist makes an incision into the gums. They pack the tooth socket with antibiotic packing. The gums are sealed shut until the healing process has concluded.

In Oregon, dental emergencies can emerge at any time. Local dentists provide an after-hours contact number for these emergencies. Patients who need to visit an Emergency Dentist visit Website Domain for further details today.