Fast Facts About Oxycodone Addiction

If you have ever had an especially bad bout of influenza, you may have experienced symptoms similar to those of oxycodone withdrawal. These uncomfortable, sickly feelings are one of the primary reasons so many drug abusers hesitate to seek oxycodone addiction treatment; it’s just too unpleasant to willingly go through.

With this in mind, why do so many people become addicted to drugs like oxycodone in the first place? A look at the chemical reaction to these drugs by the human brain tells us much about how addiction starts – and why it’s so hard to break.

Incredible Highs

Oxycodone and drugs like it create a euphoric feeling in the user. Some report feeling more energetic and capable while using the medication, while others report drowsiness and a feeling of total body relaxation. While this is useful in cases of major pain after surgery or with serious medical conditions, it can quickly become a substance that the brain depends on. It can be easy to become reliant on the drug to feel happy or relaxed at all, leading to addiction.

Terrible Lows

The problem with drugs like oxycodone is that once the high has worn off, users can suffer terrible symptoms similar to those of withdrawal. These become stronger and more frequent between uses, so that the brain requires greater and more frequent doses of the drug to feel that same high. What’s more, overuse and abuse of these drugs can lead to depression or anxiety, sleep issues, heart and other organ failure, increase in spinal and other bodily fluids that can lead to swelling and even death. The dangers of this drug make it a killer addiction, and puts those who abuse it at great risk.

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