Finding a Good Emergency Pediatric Doctor in San Antonio, Texas Can Minimize Parents’ Fears

by | May 11, 2016 | Healthcare

A sniffling voice in the middle of the night or the middle of nap time can sound sweet if it is saying “Mommy, I had a bad dream.” If that same voice is saying “Daddy, I don’t feel good,” and is accompanied by an overly warm little body or the telltale smell of vomit, it can be more scary than cute. Unless something seems very seriously wrong, a parent knows that it is probably not necessary to call an ambulance or haul the child to the ER. But, what if that fever doesn’t go down before breakfast or the vomiting doesn’t stop? Then it’s time to visit an Emergency Pediatric Doctor in San Antonio Texas.

Sometimes, the same office that handles a child’s well visits and vaccinations accept walk-ins for emergencies or will accept a patient who has called ahead. Some pediatrician’s offices have different expectations. It’s important to know how your child’s pediatrician operates and have a backup option if necessary. That way, after getting a call from school because little Emma landed hard on her ankle at recess or rushing to pick Jack up from Cub Scouts because he cut his hand during whittling practice, a parent can head straight to a health care provider without having to make any special arrangements.

A doctor’s office specifically for children, such  as Sapeds Clinic, tends to be more welcoming to little ones. Urgent care will see kids, but the waiting room may not have age-appropriate books and toys, and the doctors themselves may be less proficient at making young children feel comfortable and safe. A person who is accustomed to dealing with children will be able to put a child at ease, which makes everything from taking temperatures to giving shots to putting in stitches simpler for doctor, child and parent alike. This is something everyone seeking an Emergency Pediatric Doctor in San Antonio Texas should keep in mind. Also worthy of consideration is whether the doctor offers long hours during the week or any hours on the weekend. Kids tend to injure themselves or get sick at inconvenient times, so the more hours per week the clinic stays open, the better it is for a parent’s peace of mind.

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