Get Help with Opioid Addictions by Taking Subutex Medication in Gastonia, NC

by | May 2, 2017 | Health

In many cities, people are becoming addicted to and dying from their dependence on opioids such as heroin. Kicking the heroin habit is not easy and most people need the assistance of medications to stop taking the illicit drug. As the problem with heroin reaches epidemic proportions, some pharmaceutical companies are developing drugs such as Subutex to help addicts get the help they need when they go to rehab for their addiction.

What Is Subutex?

Subutex is an oral medication with the generic name buprenorphine and is used for treating certain drug addictions. When it is used to treat heroin addiction, it should be started within the first two days of treatment. Subutex medication in Gastonia, NC should be used in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapy to help people addicted to heroin.

How Is it Taken?

Subutex medication should only be taken as instructed because it may not be effective if it is swallowed whole or chewed. The tablet goes under the tongue where it should be allowed to dissolve to work correctly. If you have questions about the prescription, a pharmacist at Star Bright Pharmacy should be able to answer your questions or provide you with information from the drug manufacturer.

Subutex Warnings

There can be complications due to taking this drug as it does contain a small amount of opioid. It should only be taken by the person whom it is prescribed for as people who are not dependent on heroin or the other drugs it treats can become dependent on it. You shouldn’t suddenly stop taking Subutex medication as it can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Along with heroin, Subutex is also prescribed for treating oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine addictions. If you want to know more about who should take Subutex and its side effects, you can read the medical guide when you click here.

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