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Get Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Get Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Men who have problems with erectile dysfunction usually don’t know where to turn for help. It is a hard topic to discuss with friends or family. In most cases, men choose to do the easy thing and keep quiet about the problem. Maybe they think it will just get better on its own. However, this is a bad way to think. There is help available if you reach out and ask. For one, low intensity focused shockwave therapy can be highly effective. Learn why you should consider getting Erectile dysfunction therapy Costa Mesa CA instead of suffering in silence.

It’s Clinically Studied

Shockwave therapy isn’t some form of fringe science. In fact, it is a well-studied method that actually works. It’s beneficial effects will also last for a long time. Some medical experts think it can actually be a cure for erectile dysfunction. This therapy has been used in different places since around 2003. Therefore, it has been a trusted solution for erectile dysfunction for more than 10 years. The fact that it is still around shows that it is a perfectly safe and effective procedure to get.

What is Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Now that you know the procedure is medically approved, find out what it entails. Shocckwave therapy addresses poor circulation in the penis. Usually this is due to the stiffening of blood vessels. This restricts the ability of vessels to transport a sufficient amount of blood. Without blood, you cannot get a satisfactory erection. What shockwave therapy does is send small signals to the shaft of the penis. These shockwaves provide extra stimulation for the circulatory system in the penis. This procedure actually helps new blood vessels grow so that an erection is easily obtained. Erectile dysfunction therapy Costa Mesa CA changes the circulation in the penis to make it work properly.

Why You Need It

Anyone with erection problems should seek out shockwave therapy. Erectile dysfunction therapy Costa Mesa CA is ready to help. Contact LaSara Medical Group for more information.