Get Quality Hearing Aids in Lancaster, PA

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Health

Twenty percent of people in the United States have some kind of hearing loss. Most people with hearing loss do not have a consistent loss across all pitches of sound. The cochlea, the part of the inner ear that produces nerve impulses for sound, has different nerve cilia that are triggered at each pitch. Exposure to loud noises can damage the inner ear and result in a loss in higher pitches. Aging can also cause some hearing loss. A hearing test will provide information about the level of loss at each sound pitch. Hearing loss may be mild and have little effect on the individual with loss or it may impact an individual’s quality of life. If the hearing loss is reducing an individual’s ability to communicate with others, it may be time for heating aids in Lancaster, PA.

There are several symptoms to help an individual evaluate whether a hearing loss may be affecting their ability to communicate. If conversations have become difficult, hearing aids in Lancaster, PA may be very beneficial. An individual may be able to hear someone is talking, but the input may sound more like mumbling and be difficult to understand. Higher-pitched voices may be impossible to understand. It may be incredibly difficult to understand conversations in noisy environments, and the individual with hearing loss will likely start avoiding such environments. Avoiding social activities due to hearing loss may create isolation and result in depression. Family members may also feel frustrated by communication difficulties and want the individual with a hearing loss to do something about their hearing.

Hearing aid technology has advanced over the years. Modern hearing aids do not amplify all sounds. They are set to match each individual’s hearing loss and will amplify the right amount at each sound pitch. There is also a variety of hearing aid options available. Traditional behind-the-ear models tend to be more visible, but some newer models are less noticeable. There are other models that go in the ear canal, making them inconspicuous. Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster can help evaluate your hearing aid needs and assist in selecting the hearing aid model that is best for you.

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