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Get The Facts On Laser Hair Removal

Get The Facts On Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth is a challenge for most women, and it can occur on all areas of the body. Finding an effective way to eliminate the need for constant shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and the use of prescription hair removal products is a goal for most women in the Charlotte, NC, area.

One of the most effective and safe options in hair removal for the face and the body is the use of laser hair removal Charlotte NC treatments. Thanks to new technology and advanced laser treatment options, this is a safe method to use when provided by a trained, licensed professional.

Women in the Charlotte, NC, area may not have the facts on professional laser hair removal treatments. To help correct these misunderstandings and misinformation, here are some critical points on the process.

Fact: Most women benefit from laser treatments

New advances in laser technology mean that most women benefit from the use of lasers to remove face and body hair. Extremely light hair and some shades of red hair are not as effectively removed by lasers.

In these cases, the licensed aesthetician may recommend electrolysis or dermaplaning as a way to remove fine, white, very blonde, or light red peach fuzz from the facial area.

Fact: Laser treatment stops hair growth over time

Hair grows at different rates, even on the same area of the body. To effectively destroy the hair follicles and reduce the rate of future hair growth, multiple sessions are required.

Most laser hair removal treatments are sold as packages, and the cost and the number of treatments varybase on individual factors. After the full treatment package, an occasional laser treatment is all that is required to keep the skin smooth and free from hair.