Getting The Most From Hemp Salve For Pain Relief

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Health

After a workout or to help to manage the pain of chronic conditions such as arthritis, CBD oil offers immediate results. Choosing a quality hemp salve for pain relief makes it easy to apply, safe to use on all skin types, and also provides the additional benefits of the essential oils used in the formulation.

Ideally, look for a hemp salve for pain relief that is made and sold by a recognized CBD product manufacturer. This not only ensures consistency in the product between orders but also ensures that the salve is tested in a third-party laboratory for purity and safety.

The Importance of Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Different types of pain relief salves may use CBD isolate types of ingredients or broad-spectrum hemp extract. The CBD isolate is highly purified CBD or cannabidiol, with other types of naturally occurring phytonutrients, terpenes, and flavonoids removed from the isolate.

These additional and naturally occurring compounds optimize the ability for the body to utilize CBD and to provide a range of beneficial results. By using a broad-spectrum hemp extract, the “entourage effect” or the additive effects of the product is more pronounced.

Essential Oils and Other Ingredients

A quality hemp salve for pain relief should contact all natural, organic ingredients. This is helpful to the skin, and also eliminates the use of chemicals and additives found in many commercially available pain salves.

The best products also use essential oils in their formulations, adding to the natural soothing and healing of both the skin as well as the underlying nerves and tissue.

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