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Going To An Animal Hospital in Yorktown NY When A Cat Has A Tail Injury

If someone notices their pet cat is having difficulty holding their tail upright, they may be suffering from a condition where the need to see someone at an Animal Hospital in Yorktown NY will be beneficial. Going to see an emergency veterinarian will be the best way to find out if the pet is suffering and they will be able to give the cat the proper treatment for their ailment. When a cat suffers from an injury to the tail area, it is important to have an assessment of the bones as there may be a broken present under the skin. A cat’s tail is an extension of their spine, making it possible for them to lose feeling in their back legs and hind end area as a result of an injury.

A veterinarian will give the cat x-rays to determine whether their tail can be wrapped in a splint to help with its healing. If there is a break near the tip, they may recommend having a portion of the tail amputated. This will help the cat as they will not have their tail in the way as they try to use their litter box. If the tail had caused damage to the cat’s bowels, the veterinarian might need to move them manually. Unfortunately, this type of injury often results in the veterinarian recommending they euthanize the cat as they will not be able to lead a comfortable life. Many tail injuries, however, do not cause damage to the bones, allowing the cat to bounce back after any flesh or muscle wounds have healed.

Getting a cat the right help after a tail injury is very important. If the cat meows in pain when their tail is touched or if there is redness or a break on the skin, the cat should be seen right away. If someone needs to find an Animal Hospital in Yorktown NY, they can go to a reliable service known for their care of animals. Get more information about this practice and call to alert them there is a cat on the way with a tail injury so the doctors are prepared to see the animal as soon as it arrives.