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Healing Patient Wounds With FDA Approved Advanced Wound Products

For people who have suffered a wound or those that have difficulty healing a wound, having the ability to have advanced medicine to aid in the healing process can be critical. While a variety of prescription medicines can help, some of the best treatments are the more recent developments in grafting.

Skin Graft Healing

One of the best tools used by physicians for wound healing is grafts. The process uses a patient’s own blood cells to aid in the healing process. This can be especially helpful for patients whose skin requires a boost in the healing process obtained from other healthy skin tissue on their bodies. While this can be especially helpful for elderly patients, skin grafts can also be significantly beneficial for people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and more.

The RedDress ActiGraft Difference

The FDA has recently approved ActiGraft, a regenerative wound compound known as part of a new generation of advanced wound care products that utilize a patient’s blood as the base for the graft. ActiGraft is designed for healthcare professionals to help treat patients with complex or acute wounds and offers a more comfortable way to heal.

Patients that suffer from problems with skin healing often have difficulty due to impeded blood flow. Through ActiGrafts patented technology, healthcare providers can quickly create in vitro blood clots over a wound area from a patient’s whole blood cells.

This amazing innovative solution brings the patient’s own blood immediately upon application to their wound site and initiates and supports their healing process. You can learn more about FDA approved ActiGraft advanced wound care products by visiting