Health Care Practices at a Physical Therapy Clinic to Assist in Restoring Physical Strength and Resistance to Injury

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Physical Therapy

Unceasing pain can interfere with daily activities and decrease work productivity. Those experiencing chronic pain don’t have to accept it. At a Physical Therapy Clinic, patients get individualized care with a full line of treatment for pain. A mass number of people need chiropractic care for injuries from car accidents in sports. At Allegheny Integrated Health Services, doctors identify the source of pain before implementing a treatment plan.

Treatment for back pain dominates the roster for patients. Doctors have medical devices that alleviate the symptoms of pain.Radiofrequency ablasion is a type of physical therapy that delivers long term relief from pain without surgery. It targets the nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain. People have reported pain disappearing for 2 years with the intensity of pain before treatment never returning. Pain is minimal during the procedure with local anesthesia. A microelectrode and radiofrequency current targets the nerves to kill pain. The electrical current applies heat to the nerves and blocks pain signals. It’s an outpatient procedure. There may be soreness at the injection site but nothing that interferes with daily activities. People who get infections easily or have blood with clotting problems are not candidates for radiofrequency ablasion.

Injection therapy is frequently used to relief pain in injuries. Sports and accident injuries are often treated this way. Injection therapy soothes acute pain of connective tissue. Inflammation in the joints, ligaments, and limbs respond well to injection therapy. Physicians recommend having injections in combination with a customized physical therapy regimen. An ongoing therapeutic healing plan progressively restores health. Part of a Chiropractor’s job is to teach patients how to avoid further injury and activities that can aggravate an injury. Physical therapy consists of exercises and manual massage therapy that helps patients regain muscle and bone stability. The extent of physical abilities increases from disciplined exercises that strengthen parts of the body affected by weakness and pain. The staff at a Physical Therapy Clinic have multifaceted modalities for treating their patients. A holistic approach to restoring injuries and overall wellness has no adverse side effects like major surgery. Schedule a consultation at Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services to start a wellness plan. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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