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Health Issues: Adult Health Care In Hampton GA Can Help

This is not very common knowledge, but just one in twenty people in the United States reported no health problems in 2018. A third of the world’s population reports experiencing more than five ailments. These statistics are not far off from those of the United States of America. This is a startling number. Individuals who are eighteen years or younger suffer from diseases or conditions and adults trend the highest. Adults are mostly sixty-five years or older.

One of the largest diseases affecting adults is a chronic disease. This is defined by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics as a disease lasting three months or longer. About 40 million Americans are limited in their usual activities because of one or more chronic health conditions. Approximately 133 million Americans report chronic diseases, which are incurable and ongoing. These, too, trend more towards those above twenty years of age. Adult Health Care in Hampton GA is equipped to face all challenges facing the health of adults.

Services Offered

As a person grows, they need more access to better health care. This is equivalent to having more services offered. Services include preventative care, immunizations, ultrasounds, echocardiograms, x-rays, and pre-op exams.

Preventative Care

Preventive care is the care one receives to prevent illnesses or diseases before they can attempt to affect the body. Another aspect of preventive care counseling is to prevent health problems, such as smoking cessation or safe sex practices. Also included in this category are screenings and immunizations, which can help a person and their family stay healthy. Preventive care may also help reduce health care costs down the road if one catches a problem early and prevents serious illness.

Adult Care

As mentioned before, adult health care is important and encompasses a lot. More and more people are living with not just one chronic illness, such as diabetes, heart disease or depression, but with two or more conditions. Almost a third of the population is now living with multiple chronic conditions. These conditions range from diabetes to kidney disease.

Start taking control of your health today. Adult Health Care in Hampton GA can handle all adult health-related needs. The trusted professionals working in Internal Medicine of Griffin have years of experience and know the problems that come with have a chronic disease. Please visit the website for more information.