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Heroin Rehab in Rockford, IL, Helps Patients Manage Brain Chemistry Changes

Some individuals become addicted to opiates because the drugs change brain chemistry when used regularly for a long time. Men and women taking an opioid medication for pain management sometimes turn to street heroin if their doctors will no longer renew the prescription. A heroin addiction clinic in Rockford, IL, provides rehab service when people decide they must stop using.

Medication for Addiction

Treatment at a heroin addiction clinic in Rockford, IL, typically includes providing a medicine like methadone or buprenorphine. These medications act on the same brain structures as heroin does, but they are not addicting and do not have similar euphoric effects. They have a normalizing effect on the brain that allows a person to stop using heroin or other addictive opiate drugs without experiencing cravings. The medication also dramatically reduces withdrawal symptoms.

Counseling Sessions

In addition to receiving medical care, the patient should participate in counseling sessions to better ensure success in recovery. Addiction to opioids has both physical and psychological components that must be resolved. Changes in the brain that cause cravings can last for months or even years. The individual in recovery needs to learn and practice effective tools to deal with cravings and situations that create temptation.

Starting Recovery

Thinking about ending opiate use and beginning recovery can be scary. However, continuing on the same path not only seriously undermines the quality of life, but it could also be deadly. Help is available at Brightside Clinic and Telemedicine, which provides information on its services at the website