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How Health Professionals Can Benefit from a Team of Data Abstractors

Any project that is rushed is likely one that wasn’t done well and will have to be done again.

Unfortunately, data collection and management are not items businesses should take shortcuts on. In the healthcare field, patient data, including client profile, recommendations and diagnoses, and connected partners, give providers the necessary information they need for issuing quality, timely care. The more accurate the data collection, the better the outcome for registry abstraction.

Paperwork can pile up, hands can get short-staffed, and patients’ needs take priority. Relying on the off chance of free-time to accurately enter and organize data is a setup for failure. Having a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is collecting, analyzing, and reporting data is a good idea. This team would know their responsibility and understand the importance of getting the data correctly and accurately.

Registry abstraction takes this data and transforms it into actionable goals. How is the provider’s in comparison to their competition? Are the patients’ needs met with efficiency and quality care? Where are there areas for improvement in the practice?

It’s difficult to ask the important questions when organizations don’t have all the pieces. It’s far easier to develop a winning strategy when reporting isn’t complicated or skewed and results in the consolidation of pertinent data. Abstracting data effectively increases productivity all around.

Data abstraction is usually not anyone’s favorite part of the job, but some tools can make the process much more comfortable. MDabstract offers cost-effective, reliable solutions for medical professionals nationwide.