How Important Is Continuity Of Care To Your Own And Your Family’s Health?

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Health

People have high expectations of their doctors, as they should. They are entrusting their doctor with their own health and the health of their families. This is a very significant responsibility.

Research found that patients want three things from their doctors:

• A doctor who listens

• A doctor who can sort out and identify problems

• Continuity of care

It’s easy to understand why patients want to be listened to and value effective diagnostic skills. But, why is continuity of care so important? Does it really matter if the patient sees the same doctor over time, such as a physician in Family Practice in Wichita Kansas?

There have been many studies that attempted to determine the effect of continuity of care upon patients. It has been found that continuity of care is beneficial for patients and physicians and improves the efficiency of the delivery of health care services.

Studies in the U.S.

• A study of elderly men showed that continuity of care cut the number of visits to the ER by almost half and reduced the length of hospital stays.

• Patients who were cared for primarily by the same physician felt that their doctor was more thorough, knowledgeable, and interested in educating the patient about the ailment.

• A study of adults with type II diabetes found that those patients whose care was overseen by the same physician were better able to manage their blood sugar levels and diets.

• Studies of children found that regular visits to their doctor resulted in better use of preventative services and immunizations.

• Studies of children with diabetes found continuity of care resulted in fewer hospital admissions.
• Overall, there are significantly fewer visits to the ER for children who regularly see their doctor.

Studies in Norway

• Continuous care resulted in increased patient satisfaction and a feeling that the patient had better control of their health.

• The doctor’s accumulated knowledge saved time, influenced which laboratory tests were used, resulted in better management of the ailment, and affected which medications were prescribed.

• Continuity of care was found to be especially important for patients with chronic physical or mental problems, children, and seniors.

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