How Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orlando Compares to Other Tests

How Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orlando Compares to Other Tests

For a medical physician to diagnose a condition properly or screen for a disease, they need to see what is happening inside your body. Magnetic resonance imaging scans can help them achieve this goal. MRI imaging uses radio waves and magnetic fields to create an image of the inside of your body. Here are a few reasons why MRI scans offer more benefits in comparison to other imaging tests.

While x-rays are still in use, they are the oldest medical imaging modality. They are painless and fast. However, they are not very detailed. You can see the bones, but the surrounding tissue may not show up. With MRI imaging, you see blood vessels, organs, and tissues in detail.

PET scans offer a variety of benefits. These tests involve a patient inhaling, swallowing, or receiving an injection of dye. In comparison to PET scans, MRI scans produce images that are clearer. They allow a physician to focus on a specific area.

If your doctor has recommended that you have an MRI or other scan to diagnose or monitor a condition, ask questions about how the scans are performed and what details will be seen. Also, ask if there are things you can do before the scan to prepare. It is good to get familiar with how an MRI is performed before having it done. For example, you will hear loud noises.

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