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How to Tell When Your Ultrasound Machine Needs Repairs or Service

Ultrasound technology is incredibly useful in the healthcare industry, helping doctors to more accurately diagnose their patients. However, a problem with your equipment can lead to inaccurate results. If you know how to identify when there is a problem, you can schedule ultrasound equipment repair sooner.

The Machine is Hot

By itself, a human or veterinary ultrasound machine that runs hot may not affect its accuracy. However, this does suggest that the cooling fan is no longer working. In that case, the inner components will repeatedly overheat, and that can lead to various parts becoming damaged. Be sure to correct this problem quickly so you can avoid other, more serious repairs.

There’s a Weak Connection

If it seems as though the probe on your ultrasound machine is malfunctioning, don’t rush out to replace it right away. Most of the time, there’s a bad or weak connection between the probe and the connection port. Requesting ultrasound equipment repair can help you alleviate this issue and save you from buying unnecessary replacement parts.

Stiffening Buttons

Whether you use a veterinary ultrasound machine or a device used in human hospitals, your machine probably gets plenty of use. Over time, this will cause the buttons on the machine to stiffen, or they may become loose and bouncy. Either occurrence should be taken as a sign that the buttons are about to give out. A repair technician can easily replace the buttons before that happens.

Whether you need service or a new ultrasound machine, find what you need when you visit Ultra Select Medical.