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How to Treat Neck Pain in St Louis

How to Treat Neck Pain in St Louis

Neck pain can seriously impact the quality of life for people. Some neck pain will go away after a few days, but lasting pain is not uncommon. Merely doing daily activities, such as looking at a computer screen, could worsen the pain. Other symptoms may accompany it, including headaches and muscle spasms. All of this can make it hard to enjoy time spent with family and cause a job to be difficult. Thankfully there is the treatment for Neck Pain in St Louis.

Causes of Neck Pain

The underlying cause of neck pain will partly determine what course of treatment is best to alleviate the condition. Arthritis is a possible cause of neck pain, since it can lead to aching in many parts of the body. Also, nerves in the neck can be pinched or pressed in various ways, which can cause intense pain that might not go away any time soon without the proper treatment.

Perhaps most commonly, neck pain is brought about due to a strained muscle or another injury. Some people get this due to an activity in their life, such as staying on the computer for too long. People who grind their teeth as they sleep may get neck pain as well. Often the worst neck pain is brought about by a sudden incident, such as an automobile accident. Whatever the cause, there will be a way to treat it.

Treatment for Neck Pain

While figuring out the source and extent of the neck pain, a doctor may need to do one or more tests, including an X-ray. This will help to ensure that the best treatment is prescribed and that recovery will be as fast as possible.

Sometimes a padded collar will be used for a short period of time to keep the neck still. Applying a hot or cold compress to the neck can also be beneficial and may relieve symptoms. Generally physical therapy will provide the most comprehensive treatment since it will strengthen the neck and contribute to the prevention of future neck problems. If needed, medication can be used.

When neck pain is getting in the way of daily life, it is best to get treatment. Neck Pain in St Louis can be lessened and likely removed completely by a skilled chiropractor. Visit Website Domain for more information.