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Introduction To EMG Nerve Testing In Orlando

Electromyography nerve testing is a medical procedure used to diagnose any nerve damage or brain disorders. It helps doctors understand how your muscles and nerves are functioning. EMG nerve testing in Orlando is highly accurate when it comes to providing an assessment of the condition of your muscles and nerves.

What Does EMG Testing Involve?

EMG nerve testing in Orlando involves inserting a small needle into the muscle being tested. This allows the doctor to measure how well the muscle responds when stimulated. Once they have acquired this information, they can then use it to diagnose any underlying problems with your nervous system which may be causing symptoms such as pain, numbness, or even paralysis in certain areas of the body.

What Are Some Common Uses of EMG Nerve Testing?

It is common for doctors to use EMG nerve testing in Orlando to determine what type of treatment would best benefit a patient’s condition. The results from this type of test can be used to establish whether there is damage present in the muscles or nerves that could be causing their symptoms. Additionally, it can also help identify any conditions which may be contributing to those symptoms such as muscular dystrophy, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and more.

How Is an EMG Test Performed in Orlando?

When performing EMG nerve testing in Orlando, your doctor will begin by numbing the area around where the needle will be inserted so you do not feel anything during the procedure. They will then insert a tiny needle into your muscle before stimulating it and measuring its response on a monitor. The results of this measurement provide information about any potential underlying health conditions that may be causing muscle weakness or other problems with your nerves.