Just a Cold or Worse? Signs You Need to See the Family Doctor in Wichita Kansas

Just a Cold or Worse? Signs You Need to See the Family Doctor in Wichita Kansas

During cold and flu season, it can be difficult to tell if a person is simply getting a cold or something more serious. It is important a person knows the warning signs of serious illness, so they will know if they need to see their Family Doctor in Wichita Kansas. Seeing the doctor in a timely manner will help to protect a person from becoming seriously ill at the peak of infection.

 *    In adults, a high fever is almost always a sign there is something going on in the body. Fevers over 102 need to be addressed by the Family Doctor in Wichita Kansas. A fever is the body’s way of fighting off infection.

 *    If a person gets sick and then starts to feel well, only to get sick again, they could be dealing with a rebound illness which can be difficult to fight. If this is going on, a person needs to see their doctor immediately so the right treatment can be put in place to combat the illness and prevent it from reoccurring.

 *    When a person begins to experience severe headaches that are interfering with the way they are able to focus and think, it is important they are checked by their doctor to make sure there is not a central nervous system disorder going on. While mild headaches are usually nothing to worry about, one that causes unrelenting pain may be.

 *    Should a person begin feeling extreme aches all over and feel so weak they are unable to get out of bed, it is important they are checked to make sure they do not have the flu, which can become serious quickly.

 *    If a person with high blood pressure, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses gets sick with a cold, it is vital they seek treatment from their doctor because these conditions can make even minor colds more difficult to deal with.

If you think you may only have a cold, but these symptoms are present, it behooves you to seek treatment to ensure nothing worse is occurring. To learn more about the treatments and services available from the family doctor, Click here.