Make Pulse Check Your Partner in Patient Care

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Healthcare

If you operate a medical practice that offers urgent or emergency medical care, you’re sure to benefit from the expansive menu of services provided by the team at Pulse Check. Our established company is in business to meet the needs of physicians and medical practitioners by equipping them with technologies that allow them to spend more time treating patients and less time dealing with financial and logistical details.

Most patients choose to visit an urgent care or emergency facility because they expect to receive prompt attention and speedy treatment, and the services offered by Pulse Check are aimed making those expectations a reality. Our services were created with the overall goals of reducing wait times for patients, improving communication between patients and their care providers, streamlining billing and recordkeeping practices and enhancing the overall level of patient care provided. To reach those goals, we supply everything from electronic patient record storage and retrieval systems to emergency and urgent care revenue cycle management services and everything in between for practices of all sizes.

Our products and services come highly recommended by our current clients, and we can tailor our offerings to suit the specific requirements of both single- and multiple-location practices. We price our services based upon a flat fee or a per-patient rate and disclose all costs upfront so that our clients know just what they’re committing to when they choose to take advantage of our program. We also take great pride in furnishing personalized attention and effective customer support to established clientele.

Feel free to contact the team at Pulse Check today for more information about urgent care revenue cycle management services or any other service that we provide. We’ll gladly go over your options with you and offer you a complimentary demonstration of our subscription-based software and management products right away.

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